It seemed good.

“… It seemed good to me to write,” (Luke 1:4).


Welcome to The Morning Journal, wordpress.com edition.


The Morning Journal is one of Joe Brooks’ thirteen-and-counting blogs found around WordPress.


The Morning Journal is the flagship blog for The OneLight Foundation. The OneLight Foundation is an organization in Joe’s imagination — there’s a real OneLight Foundation, but yet, it’s not the one Joe’s thinking about. OneLight is devoted to discovering and developing writers. He’s a discovered and developing writer himself, so he’d like to do something to help someone else. And this he will do if God so permits and such and such.

He won first place in LifeWay’s Writer’s Conference for his essay, (2001)”Of Dancing Girls and Borrowed Cups,” and second place (2000) for “The Problem With Grace.”
  • His most recent book, Chase the Rain was published by Foresight Press, (2014).
  • At the Cleveland Daily Banner, he was staff writer, copyreader, columnist, “Babbling Brooks”, and coordinator for the Newspapers in Education.
  • His work has published several series of works in LifeWay Christian Resources publications.
  • He worked in the Public Relations office at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College as a writer.
  • He has attended numerous writer’s conferences at LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville, Tennessee as well as many other places.
  • He began writing in 1984 after attending a journal keeping conference at Belmont University.
  • He enjoys writing with pens and paper the best, unless he’s writing with his Iphone, or his desktop, or a scrap piece of paper he found somewhere, napkins are good too, and don’t get him started with paper towels, he never stops.
  • He writes a regular column for The Vision, the church newsletter for Waterville Baptist Church. He’s also collaborated with Senior Pastor Allan Lovelace on a RighTrack, (a new member’s manual); greeter’s guides, and other church-related publications.
  • He is a member of Chattanooga Writers Guild and the Mountain Road Writers Group.

Below is the official list of all the blogs by The OneLight Foundation.

The Morning Journal, http://www.morningjournal.wordpress.com

Biking Love, http://www.bikinglove.morningjournal.com

Love Me Through This; www.lovemethroughthis.com
One Light Foundation; www.onelightfoundation.com

Storied Past: http://www.storiedpast.wordpress.com

Storied Present: http://www.storiedpresent.wordpress.com

Storied Future: http://www.storiedfuture.wordpress.com


Written in the morning, published in the morning. Bring your own coffee.


By day, Joe is a professional comedian brilliantly disguised as the associate pastor of Waterville Baptist Church, Cleveland, Tennessee. By night, (and all other times since June 20, 1987), he’s the husband of Lisa, the father of Kyle and Graham, the Papa of Benjamin, son in law of Gail Rymer, son of Mildred, (daddy passed away in 1997) and various other non-writers like brother Jimmy and Helen, (sister in law), Diane and Virgil Moore, Kathy and Bob Raymer, and a host of nieces and nephews. He counts his church and those who know the Lord as his family. too.

He loves the Lord since age seven. He loves writing about about the Lord, himself, the church and writing for the church, studying and writing about studying, biking and writing about biking, poetry and writing about poetry, sports and writing about sports, beauty and writing about beauty, love and writing about love, life and writing about life, pastors and writing about pastors, the universe and writing about the universe, memories and writing about memories, school and writing about school, writing and writing about writing, da-da da da-da-da da.


Don’t ask. Ask what’s next? You’ll get a better response, believe me. Why is a question you’re allowed to ask, but you’re involved more in an emotional and experiential battle rather than an intellectual battle. We ask why all the time. We don’t want to know why, though. But, that’s enough said about that.


Contact Joe by the contact form below, or by jnlbrooks at gmail dot com. He says he doesn’t know why people write out at rather than @ and gmail dot com rather than gmail.com, but he doesn’t much ask why. It just doesn’t work for him, he says.


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