BREAKING NEWS — President, President-Elect offer by partisan support for Dept. of Fake News


Current sitting President Barack Obama and waiting-to-be-seated President-Elect Donald Trump offered unprecedented bypartican support for Trump’s newly formed Department of Fake News.      

“Our freedoms are at risks, my fellow Americans. People have blamed fake news for why Democrats lost the White House. Some try to turn fake news into a garbage dumping ground.

“We all know we must act now to preserve our freedoms. We must bring shock and awe to those who would tread on our precious fake news and those who love them,” President Obama said. 

Visibly moved by President Obama’s comments, President-Elect Trump wiped away his tears. “Well said, Mr. President. We will wage an all-out war on those who want to blame fake news for this election. We will bomb them to kingdom come!   

“If our intellectual property needs protection, we’ll build a wall – a mighty wall – around our fake news organization. Nevermind these people would be fired if directly employed in the Trump organization. 

“Worried that we are wasting money on another government pork barrel project? Forget about it! Fake news is a national treasure,” Mr. Trump said.       

The new Secretary of Fake News briefly commented on the press comment. “From the New York Island to the Gulf Stream water, this land of fake news was made for you and me,” he said. 


The U.S Department of Fake News: We don’t make the news, we just fake it. 

This story is the property of the U.S. Dept. of Fake News. Any attempt to verbally or electronically besmirch, bemoan or belittle the good-willed humor attempts of the Secretary only proves you are a very sad, sad person. Go find something good to read! Now, get! Are you still here??? I. Said. Get! 


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